The DYNAMAXX DMX Life Coaches are here to help
you improve your life.

Dr Carrie Carda,
DMX Medical Life Coach / DMX Nutritional Advisor Coach

Dr. Carrie Carda (SAR-da)- is a board certified OB/GYN with 16 years of experience. She also has completed an advanced fellowship program in Anti-aging medicine and has a Masters degree from the University of South Florida in Nutrition, thus making her an expert in the field. Her pursuit of continued education in issues of nutrition and supplementation makes her an asset to our board. This commitment of DYNAMAXX’s research and development of nutritionally-rich products places us at the forefront of nutraceuticals.

Rhonda Boyers
DMX Personal Trainer Life Coach / DMX Nutritional Adviser Coach

Rhonda Boyers, AFAA has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology and is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer with association education in Nutritional Fundamentals. Her passion is helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Bryan Dodge
DMX Personal Development Life Coach

A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bryan Dodge graduated from the University of Nebraska. His desire to excel led him to become an avid student of successful habits and leadership principles. After an award-winning career in sales, he pursued his lifelong passion for studying success, changed his life and launched a speaking career based on the principles he learned and practiced in training sales teams.