Hi, I'm Jay Archer.
Founder and Chief Executive  Officer

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Education & work experience

Jay Archer has been a free-spirited entrepreneur all his life. From a very early age, Jay had the ability to recognize a business opportunity – and act on it. He carried this talent through college, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in management and entrepreneurship, and quickly became a top-producing stockbroker and account executive.

Building on his early business successes, Jay expanded into capital investments, team building and training. While known for also being laid back and fun loving, Jay is acutely focused on business development. As a licensed realtor and owner of a lucrative real estate investment firm, Jay possesses broad expertise in both customer acquisition and finance. His personable nature and calm leadership enable him to be an effective communicator and skilled training specialist.

With an eye for opportunity and a penchant for recruiting and team building, Jay ventured into network marketing, rising almost immediately to the ranks of the top producers. He took his successes in both traditional business and network marketing to create DYNAMAXX. Jay has built a solid foundation for others to share in the blessings and success that network marketing has afforded him.