DYNAMAXX Product Pack.

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$74.00 SGD Initial Enrollment:

This includes your personal marketing website, an online retail store and unlimited access to full backoffice business systems including all upgrades for 12 months. The Annual Renewal Fee for these services is $74.00 SGD.

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Builder Pack:

Associate Price: $625 SGD*     •CV: 250

  • Contains:

  • 3 DYNAMAXX Lights Off™ Boxes of Pouches


  • 1 DYNAMAXX Lights Off™ Canister


  • 4 DYNAMAXX Lights ON™ Boxes of Pouches


  • 2 DYNAMAXX Lights ON™ Canister

  • *Note: This Pack requires the $74.00 SGD Initial Enrollment and will be included in the Check Out total.