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Russ DeVan Training

Little did Regional Director, Jena Perry know when she happened upon the Success by Design Solutions website (www.Successbydesignsolutions.com) that it would lead to an opportunity for all of the DynaMAXX Associates to be trained by one of the MLM industry's most dynamic presenters, Russ DeVan.

Many of the DynaMAXX Associates and Leaders heard Russ on the recent Thursday Night Training Call. As a result of that outstanding introduction, the word is quickly spreading that you now have a rare and exclusive opportunity to participate in a 5 Week Training Course conducted by Russ. The Training Calls will commence on Thursday (4-4-13) at 9pm CST and will continue for a minimum of 5 consecutive Thursdays. As a DynaMAXX Associate you can enroll in this Course for only $50. Please go into your Virtual Office under the "Shopping Cart" section to purchase this special Training.

Anyone who has already heard Russ train and speak will be more than happy to endorse him, including Jena Perry and DynaMAXX Sr. Director of Business Development, Jim Anderson (who has known and been a close personal friend of Russ for more than 20 years.) Shown below is a brief synopsis of this respected MLM industry icon:

Speaker, author, coach, and successful distributor (many times) Russ DeVan has shown thousands of individuals over more than thirty years how to create a new possibility for network marketing working for them. Russ' company, Success by Design, Inc. is Internationally known for its state of the art "un-training" methodology which has allowed people to "break though" the conventional dilemmas of "Where do I go; What do I do; and How do I do it?" that frustrate so many in the MLM profession.

Here's what a few MLM industry experts had to say:

 ""Russ DeVan is a standout in an industry that is a blur of purported experts. An exceptional speaker and coach, he inspires audiences to be their best, as well as a dynamic trainer committed to measurable intended results. "

Richard Brooke CEO 21Ten and Oxyfresh Worldwide and Author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire

Russ has developed a functional level of mastery in training and coaching people. He has taken the often complex business of this business and made it the simplest, most understandable, yet most profound and duplicatable organization - growing system you've ever seen."

John Milton Fogg
Author of 
The Greatest Networker in the World

Russ considers his greatest accomplishment the growing number of men and women who have found his work a contribution to their success and the gift of an opportunity to make a difference