Your mind at its brightest.

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    Lights ON Zero Sugar™
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DynaMAXX Lights ON™ Drinkers

Your mind at its brightest.


The past 20 years has seen an explosion in the pace of life, acceleration of information overload coming from every direction, 24hr new cycles and constant access coming from mobile phones and PDA’s. Growing demands, increased workloads there seems to be literally no place to hide. These fast paced times lead to higher stress and greater pressure that in turn lead to exhaustion we must find a way to get through the day. Many people are turning to unhealthy energy drinks loaded with sugar and synthetic caffeine to mask the problem.  

Now you have a choice for a healthier performance drink, DYNAMAXX Lights On™ lights up your brain with clarity and focus. Low calorie and great tasting, DYNAMAXX Lights On™ is a great alternative to unhealthy energy drinks or sodas, and a game changer as a mid-day boost.  At only 28 calories per serving, DYNAMAXX Lights On™ turns your afternoon slump into a productive day.

Comprised of 14 all-natural ingredients, DYNAMAXX Lights On™ delivers smooth, constant energy with no jitters, spikes or crashes. Conveniently packaged in individual packets or canister, DYNAMAXX Lights On™ gives you focus, clarity and mental concentration that lasts for hours so you can take on the day.

Lights ON™ contains ingredients known to aid in:

  • Producing Dopamine, which helps regulate energy (tyrosine).

  • Modulating brain activity (tyrosine, vinpocetine).

  • Having a healthy circulatory system (resveratrol).

  • Having vitality & energy (tyrosine).

  • Neutralizing free radicals (acai berry).

  • Supporting your immune system (hawthorne, goji berry, acai berry).

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