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DYNAMAXX B4™ Drinkers

Maximum Sports Nutrition

You want to give yourself every opportunity to crush your opponent. To finally score in the big game, be first to the ribbon or just perform at your highest level.  So what you take before your workout can make or break not only your performance, but your gains in rock-solid muscle. When it comes to nutrition, it seems as though the majority of bodybuilders - beginners and intermediates in particular - place a greater emphasis on ensuring that their post-workout nutrition is right-on. But, what many people often overlook is the vital importance of pre-workout nutrition for long-term muscle-building goals. A sound nutrition supplement regimen, if followed correctly, will help you experience dramatically noticeable gains in muscle size, strength and overall performance.

Scientifically formulated to enhance muscle oxygenation, DYNAMAXX B4™ takes your workout to the next level.  This pre-workout supplement is sure to benefit anyone pursuing optimal performance. From weight lifting to cardio, DYNAMAXX B4™ is there for all your workout needs to bring out the best athlete in you.

DYNAMAXX B4™ contains a proprietary blend of ingredients known to promote:

  • Strength: Add power and intensity to your workout to achieve your ideal physique and personal bests.

  • Energy: No jitters or post-workout crashes; just pure results with clean focused energy.

  • Power: Put your body in perfect position for a power surge all workout long.

  • Stamina: With B4, Train harder, stronger and longer to build incredible endurance.

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